Throw the books away!

Well, this is a bit scary. Not ‘jump out of a plane’ scary, but you know, close. I’m currently stuck under my sleeping baby, again, which is what brings me to write this blog in the first place. I’ve tried lots of things whilst Arya sleeps on me. Some are easy, I can read a good book, catch up on Vikings, listen to music. Lovely relaxing things whilst the dishes fester in the sink. What I would really love to be doing is catching up on my orders for my craft business but trying to manipulate tiny rhinestones whilst balancing a baby is rather difficult past the newborn stage! So I needed another outlet and here I am.

First time mum

Arya the day after she was born. She scratched herself on the way out!
In this blog I’d like to share my journey about being a first time mum. I can hear you, I’ve thought the same. What the freaking hell does she know? She’s a first time mum, her baby is so young, she’s got so far to go yet. You’re right! Like Jon Snow, I also know nothing. In fact, not true. I know how to put on nappies (disposable, sorry Earth), dress my baby, let her eat and get her to sleep. I’m also pretty awesome at making her laugh now, so I know a couple of things. I’m not here to give advice and I’m certainly not here to make anyone feel shitty about their choices because believe me I get that on a day to day basis and it sucks. I’m here to reach out to the other Mums like me, that found things way harder than they expected and found themselves parenting in a completely different way to what they had in mind.

Me before Arya

IMG_2116It’s a bit mad to think there was a life before Arya arrived, but there was honest! I’m a teacher, I have a small craft business and I enjoyed going out friends until I got pregnant. At the age of 18 I left my home (more about that later) and went to the UK to study. Life was pretty awesome, I partied hard, traveled, worked hard, made crazy friends, got tattoos, dyed my hair and ate way too much pizza. I finally returned home four years ago to take up a post at our infant and junior school, reconnected with my partner and built a house (well my dad did, but I paid him for it!) I was a fairly confident person after my time away, I felt good about myself and sure about what I wanted in life. Oh how that was about to change!

‘You’ll make a rod for your own back’ and other awful things people say

From the moment everyone finds out you are pregnant you are subjected to endless amounts of unsolicited advice. Most people mean well and I’ll honest, it feels great to feel like you know more about a subject than someone else, you feel like it’s your duty to share what you have found out so that others don’t go through the same thing. That’s one of the reasons why I’m even writing a blog in the first place. But there is certainly a way of going about it and making someone feel like an idiot isn’t alright. I’m sure I’ve done it before and I am so sorry! People comment on what you eat, your size (before and after pregnancy), how and where your baby sleeps and my ‘favourite’ if your child is a ‘good’ baby.

Here’s a list of things that have made my blood boil…so far:

  • “Are you sure you can eat prawns?”
  • “Does she sleep all night?” (I still get this now but jeez she was only a few weeks old when it started!)
  • “Is she a good baby?”
  • “Are you some kind of hippy?” In response to me talking about baby wearing and baby led weaning
  • “Don’t rock your baby, you’re making a rod for your own back”
  • “Leave her to cry, if she’s fed and clean she’s had all her needs met”

I’ll elaborate more on my thoughts on all of these in future posts, but each one really grinds my gears!

I found being a Mum tough and around the 3 month mark we came across some breastfeeding issues and my partner was working away for a few weeks at a time. I thought I had this and I didn’t. Luckily I had lots of amazing friends and family to come round and help me but many said things that just didn’t sit right with the way I wanted to parent. Again I’ll say I have nothing against the way others choose to do things, I just know that it’s not my way. I listened though, I tried some things, but most made me feel awful and went against what my instincts were telling me. All of my friends meant very well and were simply sharing what they had found worked for them or what was recommended at the time. I had purchased a couple of books, I’m a natural worrier and I thought that if I tried to learn as much as possible I’d be okay. But the books said the same things. I’d burn that book now if it wasn’t on my iPad. It has survived a car crash, but burning in a blaze of glory might be a bit much for it. The moral of the story is that once I stopped listening to the books (until I found books that supported my views) and started listening to myself and my baby we both became much happier.

These are the things that my blog is going to include about my parenting journey so far:

  • Breastfeeding and formula (now on formula)
  • Co-sleeping and bed sharing
  • Attachment parenting
  • Baby wearing
  • Baby led weaning
  • Miscarriage
  • Labour and birth
  • How I manage to run a small craft business in 5 minute intervals in the day

I don’t intend this to just be about my new role as a parent. I also want to share my craft business, including tutorials on how to make some of the things I do and I’ll talk about the beautiful place that I call home, The Falkland Islands.

If those things sound like something you’d like to hear and talk about I hope you follow my journey! Excuse me a moment “Bloody hell Milo PUT THAT DOWN” I told you I’d shout at those cats.


Baby workout

Just had a baby? Wanting to get fit? Then I have just the work out for you! *Not recommended until after you 6 week check up or beyond. Call the the recruits until then! This workout is based on living with an 8 month old baby*

What you’ll need:

  • Baby
  • Sling – optional (or you might want to work of your upper arm strength! 💪🏻)

It goes like this:

  • Baby wakes you up by pulling themselves up on you. Pass between your partner and yourself until you realise you need to abort the sleep mission and get up. (No partner in the bed? Just constantly move your little one back from the edge until you loose the will to live).
  • Get up and place baby in walker whilst you race about doing morning jobs (wash dishes/prepare breakfast/bottles if needed/make coffee that you need to recover from the night shift)
  • Baby is not happy to let you finish said job, hold baby in one arm and finish jobs.
  • Breakfast time! Pick up food thrown to the floor approximately 1 million times.
  • Change babies pjs (and yours depending on breakfast choice!). Reposition baby on the mat and pass as many toys as will get you baby to STAY STILL. 
  • Play time! Follow baby round, moving them away from cupboards they open and chairs they want to climb on.
  • Nap time, finally a rest….wrong! Baby needs to sleep in the sling. Excellent, time to get some things done. But you must jiggle, bounce, side step for the duration of the nap. DO NOT STAY STILL.
  • Lunch time! Leave baby to play, where they can see you unless you want to make lunch one handed, and make super healthy/tasty/5 star lunch in approximately 3 minutes.
  • Eat lunch. 10 reps of the water cup unless you want it to be thrown all over you. To be fair, you could do with a cool down.
  • Time to get out the house. You can choose a walk, swimming, coffee with friends so you MIGHT be able to sit down for 5 seconds. 
  • Nap time may happen if you are walking, rocking, singing, boring them to sleep.
  • Prepare supper, one handed because baby is cranky in the evening or in the sling. 
  • Whilst supper is cooking put on washing, wash dishes, quick tidy before partner comes home. Again, all whilst baby is attached to your person.
  • Eat supper together, share the food retrieval process. Only 500,000 pick ups! 
  • Bath time! Splash and play and pour water everywhere until bathroom resembles the aftermath of a tsuami.
  • Put on pjs in 5 seconds flat before baby screams the house down, then wrestle baby into pjs. 
  • Play time with daddy whilst you clean up and prepare night time things.
  • Attempt bed time, involves double or triple the rocking. Put baby down about 50 times and resettle because they weren’t sufficiently rocked before being put down.
  • Race around finishing any jobs and scoff biscuits before you crash out in bed and prepare yourself for the night shift.
  • Repeat everyday for 18 years.

*I’m sure I’ve missed out some key steps 😂 I hope you’ll all take this in the light hearted way that is was intended*

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Rainbow after the storm

This will be one of the more painful posts that I will share with you all. 2015 has been the worst year of our lives so far, but we did have a happy ending. I found this incredibly hard to write, it took me a long time before I could be open and honest about it. However I feel that the more we share our tragedies the more that we’ll be able to find some peace, comfort and support in others.

Unexpected news

The year started out well. I was enjoying my job, spending time with my family and friends and starting the process of having my house built. Life was pretty good. Then I started to feel incredibly tired, I was napping in the day which is unlike me, so like a sensible person does I went to the doctors. They sent me for a blood test, pregnancy test, general check over. My sister came too as she needed to have blood taken, and a hand to hold whilst they did it! So we sit there, waiting for someone else to try and extract blood from my sisters tiny veins and the nurse comes back with a test, smiles and hands it to me. I look blankly at her not really understanding what she has just passed to me. My sister realises before I do….I’m pregnant! Now my partner and I had literally just decided the night before to start trying, turns out we didn’t need to! It’s safe to say I was shocked, happy of course, but I was overwhelmed for sure. Once out of the hospital I found my partner to tell him, had a good cry and felt much better. We were going to have a baby and we were so lucky. Or so we thought.

Devastating News

Time went on and I didn’t feel all that different. I think I felt a little queasy but in hindsight not all that different aside from the exhaustion. Weeks went by, we told a couple of people. Although here that means you’ve told about 50 more and it quickly multiplies, but we didn’t care really. Hey we were going to have a baby, what did we have to worry about. We had our first scan before Christmas as I wasn’t exactly sure when my last period was but we had an educated guess. We had no idea what to expect or what we should be seeing. We went in for the scan to be told that I was probably around 6 weeks. On one hand I was relieved! I’d had a few drinks before finding out and was terrified I done some sort of harm to our unborn child. The radiographer zoomed right in to find what she thought was our baby but said it was too early to detect a heartbeat, seemed logical enough. The scan was finished up and we were given another date just after Christmas to check how things were going. We didn’t think too much of it. On our way our we saw the nurse that had taken my test and told her what they had said, she looked confused as if the dates didn’t match up but seemed to think better of saying anything and walked away. I now know why she gave me that look.

If I remember rightly it was boxing day (it’s all a bit of a haze around that time, but it was Christmas time anyways) and I noticed a very small streak of blood. Nothing really dark, I’ve heard of implantation bleeds and various other reasons but something just didn’t feel right. Of course I panicked, confided in a few friends and my Mum. All of whom tried to reassure me that it was probably nothing, especially seeing as I had no pain. I brushed it off and it stopped within 24hrs. Our next scan date arrived and we hoped to see the heartbeat and finally be told everything was ok. A different woman did our scan. Within seconds, but it felt like hours, her words cut us like a knife. ‘I’m so sorry, but your pregnancy hasn’t progressed’ our baby had stopped growing. She said some other things along the lines of that whilst this was upsetting it was also very common, gave us her condolences and said she would go and fetch our midwife. I think one of the first feelings I had was stupidity. Why didn’t I know that my baby had stopped growing? Why didn’t I realise that my lack of symptoms meant this wasn’t meant to be. Why didn’t I know that the dates didn’t make sense, hence the nurse’s confused look! It all made sense now. Our midwife came to see us and said lots of lovely, reassuring things and gave us our options before we were sent on our way to try and pick up the pieces we’d been shattered in to. Our options were to choose how I would ‘pass the pregnancy’. I understand these medical terms are there for a reason but they aren’t always the most sensitive, particularly in the case of miscarriages. Apparently the term for what had happened to us was a ‘missed abortion’. How horrific is that? We lost a baby that we loved! A baby we had dreamt about and imagined in our lives how could our baby ever be referred to as an abortion? It made me angry, and desperately sad. Another term is a ‘missed miscarriage’ which I prefer to use. It’s when a baby has stopped growing, but your body hasn’t made the connection so hasn’t expelled the pregnancy.

To talk about my options the first person I chose to call was my Mum, she would know the right thing to say and she did. We decided on a D&C. Whilst there are risks involved we felt that they were minimal and seeing as my body hadn’t miscarried on its own up until this point we thought it might not happen. I also wasn’t sure that I wanted to go through that. Having the operation took away the waiting game. A date to ‘end’ this horror so that we could move forward. Everyone at the hospital was amazing, our doctor was delicate and understanding, in fact everyone was. We couldn’t have wished for a better team. Their kind manner just made me cry even more. The operation went smoothly and we were able to leave a few hours later. Before leaving we met with the doctor who told us again how normal this was and that a miscarriage was no reason to assume the worst for next time. He said ‘We’ll see you again when you get pregnant again and give birth to your baby’. Yeah bloody right I thought at the time, but secretly I hung onto his words, they were the hope I was looking for.

Grieving process

When you lose a baby you expect to feel sad, depressed and cry all day. But I never expected to feel so angry. Like an all-encompassing anger. Why the hell did this happen to me? Why are there people out there that can have children so easily, yet don’t give two shits about them? Why did that person get pregnant so easily and tell people as soon as they found out? Their baby is ok! What about me! It was an awful feeling, I would think all of these things, then be wrecked with guilt for being such a terrible person. This was why I lost my baby, it’s because I’m a bitch! I’m a terrible person who doesn’t deserve a baby. It seems crazy now that it’s all written down that I thought all of those things. I was angry and jealous and so desperately sad, I thought I would never feel happy again. I unfollowed certain people on facebook because I just couldn’t face seeing it. I never once thought that anyone didn’t deserve their happiness, but I just needed to hide myself away from it at the time. I needed time to grieve and to heal. Some people found out right away even though we only told very close friends and family as we just weren’t ready to face what had happened. Said people told others and they sent me messages. Livid is a word I’d use to describe how that made me feel. How f**king dare these people message me! Don’t they know that I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! And I didn’t, I didn’t want to tell anyone. I know that those who asked after me genuinely felt sad for me and just wanted me to know that they were there for me, but I couldn’t cope with it at the time. People gossiped about it and it hurt and it just fueled the anger. Who the hell wants to talk about that??? Through the haze of fury I managed to connect with someone that had also lost their baby around the same time. I reached out to them and we became friends. I like to think that we helped each other through the pain, I know she helped me. She helped me to understand that it was ok to be angry but she is a kinder, calmer soul than myself and I began to feel less furious and more sad, but hopeful.

More bad news

A few weeks after the operation I had a follow up with my doctor. During this visit I also decided to have a mole looked at, it had changed and was kind of itchy. The doctor referred me to the specialist and decided to have it removed. A few weeks later I get a phone call asking me to come in as my results had arrived. Fair enough! Whilst I was waiting on of the nurses on the team came to sit with me. She seemed agitated waiting for the doctor to arrive and tried to hurry him along. What on earth for I wondered. Tell took me into another room, the nurse knelt down beside me and the doctor sat across from me on the bed. Our of the corner of my eye someone had some tissues ready. Bloody hell, was I going to die?!? ‘You have malignant melanoma’ WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL! Cue tissues being thrown at me and kneeling nurse squeezing my leg. ‘We’ve been advised to remove a 1cm margin around the site of the mole’. Ok, so I wasn’t going to die, or even have treatment, just a simple operation to remove the affected area. But boy was I lucky. Had it gone much deeper it would have spread and that wouldn’t have been good news. I’ll explain more about this in another post. I’m still here so you know the operation went well! I did have more moles removed during the year, all those were benign. I also had to have a colposcopy to remove abnormal cells on my cervix. It’s safe to say that it was a crappy year but I now have total faith in the health professionals that are here. They get a bad rep sometimes but in my experience I cannot fault them and I wouldn’t have gotten through this mess if it wasn’t for their dedication, kind manner and hilarious banter.

After a storm there’s always a rainbow

We muddled through the rest of the year, me slowly having more and more pieces removed. There have been jokes that my doctor is making a clone of me somewhere! I went through phases of being anger, sad, a little less angry, scared, lonely and hopeful. It’s a hell of a process. We started trying again, despite all the medical complications thrown my way. Now anyone that’s had to ‘try’ to get pregnant will have heard this phrase countless times. ‘If you stop trying/worrying it will happen’, you know what I wanted to do to people that said that? High five them, in the face, with a chair. It is the WORST piece of advice you can give someone that is trying to have a child. Especially if said person got pregnant at the drop of a hat. What’s even worse is that it is probably true, but you do not need to hear it! You cannot consciously stop worrying and trying, you can’t so don’t even try. Just go through your own process. I had my last operation at the end of November so I assumed that there was no way I’d have gotten pregnant then. I enjoyed a couple of drinks on Christmas day and Boxing day and tried to forget the misery of the previous year. To hell with 2015, screw you!!! We planned to go out to Rincon for New years and we’d have a bloody good time. A thought occurred to me though, I’m late. We were getting ready about half past 6 in the morning. I thought well I’ll just do a test before we go, just to be sure. I did it, left the test in the bathroom and went about getting ready. Maybe about 20 minutes later I remembered, the test! I picked it up, still pretty sleepy. A blue cross appeared…….A BLUE YES YOU ARE BLOODY PREGNANT CROSS. I couldn’t say anything, I just smiled and tears rolled down my cheek. I took the test to my partner, words were just too much! We hugged for what seemed like forever. Cue ‘Oh my god I had a couple drinks over Christmas’ worry and ‘How the hell am I going to tell everyone I’m not drinking without giving the game away’ thoughts. I’ll talk more about the pregnancy in another post, but I will tell you that our rainbow baby is lying next to me as I type this. Dreams really do come true.

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My home, The Falkland Islands

To understand a little more about me and our family, you need to know about where we live. We live on a remote British overseas territory called The Falkland Islands. It’s situated at the bottom of the South Atlantic, approximately 500km from South America with a population of around 3000 people. Tiny basically! To put things into perspective for you, there is no McDonalds here, in fact no branded stores of any kind. Check out where we are here. The Falkland Islands are probably most famous for the war between Britain and Argentina in 1982, Britain won in case you were in any doubt. Whilst it seems like the matter was settled a long time ago the scars remain and our sovereignty is constantly questioned to this day. We are fiercely determined to show the world our unique culture and that we wish to remain a British country forever.


Day to day life


Ours lives are much the same as anyone’s I suppose. We work, we come home, we go out on the weekends, we visit friends, perhaps see a penguin or two. You know, the usual. Oh yes, that’s right. We have penguins, and seals and whales and a whole heap of other amazing wildlife. It’s quite the tourist destination. The nearest beaches are just a few minutes away and whilst it never really gets to swimming temperatures it is a gorgeous place to sit. You can get quite the tan here! Please do slap on the sun cream though. Bit of a hole in the ozone layer above us. At the moment I’m on maternity leave so our days are filled with various baby sessions including baby swimming, and singing when we can make it.IMG_2469 We try to go out at least once a day even if it’s just to pop to the shop to get some milk. Often we’ll pop into see friends, especially all the new friends we’ve made who have children of a similar age. I’m proud to say that instead of losing friends since becoming a mum I have gained so many more. On the rare, stunning days we go for a walk. Sometimes it’s into town to sit on the green with an ice lolly, sometimes it’s a walk around gypsy cove in the carrier. As winter draws in I wonder how much we’ll be getting out and about, but we’ll try.


Winter is coming! This was the week that Arya was born. One the day she was born she brought the first big snow of the year. Daughter of winter and all that.

The pros and the cons

There are many amazing things about living here but there can also be some negatives to, here’s a handy list (in my opinion):


  • Amazing wildlife
  • Safe place to live and bring up children
  • Close community
  • Nothing is far away (hospital is a 2 minute drive, perfect when in labour!)
  • Stunning scenery
  • Plenty of places to ride a motorbike (this is what my partner would say!)


  • The UK is an 18hr flight away and I’m terrified of flying!
  • Majority of products are imported = expensive
  • Expensive internet, I’m talking £180 for 30gb
  • Close community, whilst amazing for support often comes with a whole bunch of awful rumours
  • Expensive to leave the islands

Whilst it can be expensive to live here it can also be cheaper in lots of ways. There is no shopping centre to spend your money in (although online shopping is much better now if you can afford the internet!), there are many things you can do that don’t involve any cost at all and the fact that is a safe, breathtaking and friendly place to live far outweighs the negatives.


My childhood was filled with days playing on the farm out at Teal Inlet, getting dirty, running with the dogs, feeding the chickens and climbing the the odd tree hanging around. Being big on wildlife as a kid living in the Falklands was possibly the greatest place to grow up. I felt safe and was able to walk to friends houses and shops without fear. I’m excited to watch Arya grow up in the same place as me. I hope that she will be much braver than me however.

Small Island Parent

This parenting thing is new to me, but I’ll share how I’m finding being a parent on a small island…so far! With Stanley being so small it’s great that nothing is far away. Knowing that if Arya has a meltdown in the shop it won’t take me long to get home, even though I worried about it constantly in the early days. Some days Arya has screamed from leaving the shop to getting home, it only takes 5 minutes at most but they’ve been the longest 5 minutes of my life so I can’t imagine having to do that traveling down a motorway and not being able to even stop to check on her or reassure her. Another positive is that there are lots of people that I can go and visit each day. We do love a visit and it’s good for Arya to see other people instead of staring at my face all day, poor girl. Luckily I’ve made lots of friends with people that live on my street so we can just pop out in the carrier almost any time of the day. If we’re not visiting friends or going for a walk our super health visitor has set up various play group sessions which we try and catch (always seem to miss story time as it’s right at nap time! darn!) and there are now baby and toddler swim sessions twice a week. I also have some ideas of my own that I would like to set up. The trouble is with me I have a million idea and not enough time to put them all into practice. This is exactly why I forget to eat!

Falkland Islands Button picture, another popular item that I create

I realise this is an incredibly short insight into life in the Falklands, but I’ll share more as time goes by.


Inheritance, spend it or save it for the kids?

See this face, it’s my thinking face

Like many Mums, I love a good Loose Women session and sharing my thoughts with Arya doesn’t get too much response just yet. Unless you count the ooohhhs and ahhhhs or a favourite ‘dada dada’. One of the topics that came up is something I’ve thought about before. Would you spend the money you’ve earnt, or would you save it for your kids?

Now my own parents (divorced and remarried) have differing views on this. One set will use their money and all of the kids will get a equal share of what is left, if anything. The other set would leave something for us (I’m assuming this is still their view!). Now I’d like it to be clear that I don’t expect anything from them. I’ve been lucky enough that they have always been supportive both emotionally and financially my whole life. It’s supported me to get a good job and build my own house. My partner also has a good job so there is no need for us to hold onto the hope of receiving any inheritance.

My Dad, clearly loving life. Perhaps he’s just thinking ‘Finally I’ll get her out of my hair’

What would I do? Well I’m leaning towards the ‘leave my kids a nest egg’ view. Like lots of parents we’ve also started a bank account for our daughter. It’s something I never had but again, I was lucky enough that my parents were in a position to help financially and our government pays for our studies. I had no money worries! However that might not be the same situation for Arya. Perhaps our government won’t always be able to fund students? Maybe it will be reduced? Maybe we won’t be in a position to help like my parents were? So we started a bank account.

Whilst that’s different to inheritance I think it goes hand in hand. Basically right now my mindset is that I want to help her (and any other future kids) with money if they need it. Sure kids can become entitled if they know they are getting x amount of money and it’s something I’d like to avoid. There is a way of showing your kids that you will always help them, whilst also ensuring they develop a good work ethic. My parents managed it! I was never made to get a job as a youngster, I didn’t really have to help out around the house (although these are things I would like my daughter to do), yet but some form of magic here I am! A teacher, a house and my own family with a good future ahead of us.

I think it’s important to see your parents work hard, whether they have a career, various jobs or are a stay at home parent. All jobs are tough for various reasons. I know I’m finding being a stay at home parent far harder than teaching! I also think it’s important that you feel supported and encouraged to be what you want to be in this world, and that it’s ok not to fit the mould.

Whilst I want to help out financially that also doesn’t mean that we are going to live our lives saving and barely getting by just to build up some lump sum of money. I’d like to find a balance where we use and enjoy our money as a family, whilst also having a little set aside. I’m aware life happens and unexpected issues arise all the time, but I’m thinking in an ideal situation here. Perhaps the money would be used up before we go, maybe on their wedding, or a house, who knows!

Or maybe all the money will be used up funding my gaming addiction when I finally get some time again and I’ll just have to give help in the form of cuddles. Cuddles and a cup of tea solves all of life’s programs right?!?

So, what would you do?

The sweetest little spoon
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Unexpected free time 

That moment when your step mum texts to say ‘Would you like me to have Arya for a bit this afternoon?’ …… um HELL YES! Wait that’s too enthusiastic, better rein that in. ‘If you could that would be super, thanks’. I love Arya to pieces but knowing I’m going to get some time to get on with things without, either having to have her attached to me, or moving her between various bouncers and walkers until she gets fed up is just like a tiny piece of heaven! Then in creeps the guilt for being happy at the prospect of a little time to myself. It’s a vicious cycle.

Baby wearing is a lifesaver

What did I do with that small window of opportunity??? Well, lots of things!

I managed to finish this letter frame. Not finished in the picture of course!

These letter frames are my most popular product

I also made this customised phone case for a customer. I’d very much like to keep it for myself ! 🦄🌈🍭

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn

Then I made a few bows up! I cut them out at the beginning of the week whilst watching Broadchurch. It’s the one night of the week I can sneek away from Arya at bed time. These are all new fabrics that arrived a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to play with them.

I have a bit of a unicorn obsession and it’s spreading across the Falklands

After all that I have a wonderful soak in the bath. It’s funny how you never really appreciate the time you had before having a child. Everyone tells you to enjoy it, and you do, but it’s certainly hard to truly understand until that time is no longer available. On the other hand, I totally love that my days are now filled with Arya and was ready to take on this new role.

After my amazing dip I quickly ran around putting more washing on and started making supper just as Arya arrived back home. It’s a wonderful feeling when they wave their arms at you because they are excited to see you, even when they’ve only been gone for a couple of hours. We both enjoyed our little break. It’s important to look after ourselves and it is alright to look forward to some time alone. It’s something I’m not very good at doing but I’ll keep trying!